Tips For Travel

Tips For Travel

As I was sitting at the airport today, I started thinking about all the travel I’ve done over the last few years. Since I’ve started my business, I have traveled more than I did the previous 60-odd years of my life! Not all the travel has been business, though.


My husband and I took a couple of trips to Ecuador. That was amazing. Learning about the culture of another country, meeting the native people, living with a local, eating their food, shopping at their open-air markets… It was such an education. I learned that, as amazing as the US is, there are other countries and people out there just as amazing!


One of the things I like best about traveling is meeting new people. I love to hear their stories and listen to them talk about their families, their jobs, and their travel experiences.  Our world is so full of information and experiences I am always learning! I don’t ever want to be in an isolated little box. I love to be enriched by other lives and learn from them.


Since my husband retired and we sold our house, our Airstream trailer has been our “home”.  It is definitely a different way of life. For 32 years we lived in the same house, raising our kids. Now, we are traveling all over the USA. Last year we covered over 30,000 miles and 40 states! This year I have been more stationary because my husband is hiking nearly 3000 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail, from Canada to Mexico! While he hikes, I get to spend time with family, moving from one kid to another. (I do have 5!!)


I absolutely love how my life has changed. I have become more independent, more confident, stronger in all aspects of life. And I believe traveling gives me a wisdom I would never have if I stayed in one place all the time. It is for sure my life is enriched by all the people I have met and the experiences I have had. When in Ecuador, I actually had a Shaman healing! I have had “bad” energy brushed away by herbs & branches. I have had energy readings by flames and candle wax. I can’t say that I noticed any changes, but the experience was cool. And the response of the Inca descendants is always that I have really good, positive energy. It was good to get that confirmation!


I look forward to our future travels. We plan to go to South America again; Europe is on our list; and there is so much more of the USA we want to explore. Alaska is definitely a priority!


Where are your favorite places to visit? How do you prepare yourself to be away from home for extended periods? What do you do to build up your immune system prior to departure?  I’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions.


I will be giving some healthy tips for travel in future posts. If you have some good ideas, send them to me and I will include them! Be sure to let me know if you want your name included for credit or not!